Share your Knowledge

Your part in the Conversation

The current stakeholder evidence gathering phase of the boundary review process via the associated online form is now closed. We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to share their knowledge and interest in the areas around the AONB.

Late submissions of evidence may still be accepted, preferably using the PDF form, which can be downloaded using this link, submitted via email with supporting material attachments.

Having run from early December 2021 through to the end of January 2022, we can now report that in excess of 1900 submissions were received through the online form and just under 200 more were received through other means.

The Story Map, which can be accessed via the ‘See’ page, provides a view of the locations for which this evidence has been submitted.

What next?

The next phase of the boundary review process will be the Evaluation of Natural Beauty in and around the Evaluation areas, which will involve a review of the evidence submitted combined with a desk study and a detailed field survey.

For anyone wishing to engage further with the process, you will be able find details about events that will be held to review the evidence gathered on the ‘Review’ page in due course. Please bear with us as we are very pleased to say that we have received substantially more evidence than originally envisaged. As soon as we have been able to review all the responses that we have received we will provide an update via this website with regard to dates for future ‘feedback’ events. We will endeavour to announce these meeting dates before the end of February.