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It is very important that people who live in and around the Surrey Hills have the opportunity to participate in this review process. Your local knowledge is our starting point.

Please contribute your knowledge and impressions of the landscapes surrounding the Surrey Hills AONB, focusing on the landscape in the Evaluation Areas (excluding any significantly built-up areas) details of which you can find in our Story Map. While we request that you provide evidence for land within the Evaluation Areas, we will consider evidence where it is immediately next to the Evaluation Areas or where we determine that there is a particularly strong case for its consideration.

To do so we are asking you to gather some information about the natural beauty of the landscape; its condition, scenery, wildness, tranquillity, natural and cultural heritage. Evidence that you can provide for these factors will be particularly important for our assessments. Please submit your evidence by 31st January 2022.

The form we have designed to gather your evidence provides an option for you to give us a quick indication, by providing a location, photo & comment on what you feel makes a place special in terms of natural beauty. If you have a little more time, it also gives the option to provide further detail through additional written descriptions, photos and other supporting files.

You can undertake this evidence-gathering in a number of ways:

On Location

You can download the Survey123 mobile App from Google Play or Apple Store, use the App to load the form, then visit places that are particularly important to you in the Evaluation Areas, upload a photo, complete the form and submit your evidence. See below for more details on how to use this option.

You can also use this link to open the form and submit your evidence through your mobile device's browser.

Countryside Code: when out in the Surrey Hills and surrounding landscapes, please remember to follow the Countryside Code, and in particular to follow the signs that tell you where you can go and who can use the right of way.

At Home

From the comfort of your own home, via the Internet, you can complete the form using this link to open it in a new browser tab.

By Post

Use the links below to open and download a copy of the form and a set of maps in PDF format or use the contact email at the bottom of the page to request that a paper copy is sent to you.

Please return the completed form(s) to the following address:

Surrey Hills AONB Boundary Review

c/o Resources For Change

Cwrt Isaf Farmhouse






If you would like some help in using the form, please see our Support page for further information.

Using and Sharing your information

On completion of the form, if you would like to be further involved in reviewing the evidence and to be kept informed about the boundary review process, including forthcoming workshops, you will have the option of providing your name and email address.

You can review how we use your personal information through this link to Natural England's Social Research privacy notice.

Evidence-Gathering Period

Please note that the evidence-gathering period runs until 31st January 2022, and that access to the form will be closed after that date. Unfortunately paper submissions postmarked after this date cannot be accepted.

Complete the form in your browser...

Please click on either the screenshot image of the form's guidance page (shown here), or use this link to open the form in a new browser tab.

Download the App and go mobile...

As well as using the form via your mobile device's browser, you can also download the Survey123 mobile App from Google Play or Apple Store.

Once the App has been downloaded and started, you can:

  • Use the 'Continue without signing in' option

  • Then use the QR code scanner (see the right-hand side of the search bar) to scan the QR code shown here - this will download the form into the App, making it ready to take with you into the countryside

  • Don't forget that you'll need to enable Location Services (GPS) on you mobile device to use your current location within the App