Review the Progress


In addition to contributing to the boundary review process by completing the form, and keeping up-to-date on progress through the interactive Story Map, you may have been able to participate in active discussions about the evidence, which will took place in March after the evidence-gathering phase closed at the end of January 2022.

Evidence Review Events

Thank you to everyone who submitted evidence to the first stage of the boundary review - we had over 2000 responses which have been evaluated alongside desk-based research and site-based assessments.

Four one-hour webinars were held in the 3rd week of March to share in more detail how the evidence submitted is being used, the key themes and messages that are emerging and next steps in the boundary review process.

If you missed the webinars or would like to view/listen to the presentations again, please click on the following three video clips (below) - each lasts approximately 7 minutes.

Presentation 1

The Boundary Review Process

Update Webinar Part 1 Small.mp4

Presentation 2

Evidence Gathering - what happened

Update Webinar Part 2 Small.mp4

Presentation 3

Desk Research and Emerging Themes

Update Webinar Part 3 Small.mp4